Great for carrying and protecting your sacred crystals, fragrances, spiritual tools, crystals bracelets, pendulums, chakra sets and chakra oils.

With a variety of sizes and colors, they will bring joy and fun to your day.


Cleansing your Crystals

 There are a lot of different opinions about how and why to cleanse crystals. Please keep in mind that the suggestions I am offering are ones that feel right for me and are the way I have learnt to handle the crystals from working closely with them for all of these years.

Why do we need to cleanse Crystals?

While the Crystal works to tune in and helps to balance your energy, it picks up on the energy of the wearer. Because of this, Crystals and your Crystal Healing Jewelry benefit from being cleansed. Cleansing your Crystals helps the Crystal to return to their natural vibratory rate.

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