Crystal Care

Cleansing and Caring for your Crystal

There are many ways to clear or cleanse, store and work with crystals.  The relationship one has with their crystal is a personal one and I feel should be guided by the crystal and your heart.

Crystals absorb energy.  When we first obtain our new friend or work with them it is very important to set our intention and cleanse them of the energy they may have absorbed from other people or environments.  If a crystal feels sticky, appears cloudy or the vibration may be low is a sign they need to be cleared.  Cleansing them also recharges them so they are clear and ready to work for us.  I highly advised one to read up on their crystal and see if it can be damaged or altered by sunlight, salt  and moisture.   The sun can fade some crystals or worse yet start a fire.  Some crystals like Selenite will disintegrate when exposed to water.  Salt can also ruin some crystals.  If you are uncertain hold off on those three methods.   The following is a list of some cleansing, charging and clearing methods.

Smudging with Palo Santo or sage.

Diffusers mixed with water and a sacred essential oil.


A body of water like the ocean, a river, a lake.

Tap water.

A mixture of sea salt and water.  If using salt from the ocean or salt water you created you must rinse the crystal to remove the salt.

Clear Quartz clusters and Carnelian can cleanse other crystals.  They should be cleansed after use.

Some crystals like Azeztulite, Citrine and Kyanite are self clearing.  Out of respect I clear all my crystals after working with them.

Placing crystals under the full moon.

Placing the crystals in the sun.  I only do this if I am outside with the crystal.  Crystals can start fires when in the sun.

Breath work.  Focus your intention on freeing any negative energy from the crystal as you exhale from your mouth onto the crystal.  As you inhale from your nose bring in clear energy into the crystal.  It is also a beautiful way to connect with your crystal.

Burying the crystal in the Earth or under dried herbs will clear and charge them.

Visualizing white light around the crystal is also a beautiful method.

Offer Reiki to a crystal.

Chanting sacred words.

Crystal bowl or Tibetan bowl meditations.

When storing crystals it is advised by some to wrap them in a sacred cloth or container.  Storing them keeps them from absorbing other energies.

I always have a crystal on me or with me.  If it is not meant to be worn I keep them in a pouch.  I do not like to put them in my pockets anymore.  Too many times I have forgotten they were there.  The last thing I want is to cleanse my crystal in the toilet.

What matters most is what feels right to you and your crystal.


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