Apophyllite Cluster 0.44 lbs and 4.5″ x 3″ x 1.5″


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Stone of Joy! Uplifts our spirits! Brings light and opens us up to our guides.
Clear Apophyllite connects us to the angelic realm, our guardian angels, loving guides and love from the Devine Spirit.  This crystal can provide a window into other worldly dementions.  As Apophyllite opens our 3rd eye we can become open to our ability to be psychic.
Having Apophyllite in our homes purifies it and creates a sacred space.  Creating this sacred space attracts angels and loving energies.  A grid with five Apophyllite crystals with the fifth in the center will cleanse and raise the vibration of the room.
Angels are attracted to the high vibrations and light generated by Apophyllite.  Having the crystal near us also raises our vibration and attracts angels to us.  Consider placing Apophyllite in your baby’s room or an area where your children or children you love frequent.
In meditation or prayer Apophyllite helps us call in loving energies to be with us.  Meditating with the crystal also helps us understand our lessons in this life and past lives.
I have two angelic clusters of Apophyllite next to my bed.  Just knowing they are there to join me on my night time journey is comforting.  They help me sleep well and since I have been sleeping near them my dreams are peaceful and free from nightmares.  Messages from my dreams are more clear when I awake.  I also have the crystals clear my pendulums at night while we sleep.  A pendulum is always with me working hard for me.  They too need to rest to be cleansed, cleared and visited by the Angels.  I am humbled and grateful for the loving energy, loving Angels and loving Spirits who come because of the call they receive from my Apophyllite crystals.

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