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Green Aventurine the heart stone for manifesting, good luck and optimism.

Green Aventurine is a joyous crystal for manifesting prosperity and good luck.  This is a wonderful crystal to take with you on a job interview, a first date, Las Vegas or a court date when you desire a favorable outcome.  Green Aventurine guides us to let go of our expectations and to lovingly live in the moment.

Confidence and optimism come to us from Green Aventurine as we open ourselves to seeing the bright side of life and challenging situations.  Green Aventurine is joyful and positive.  In life when we are given difficult situations Green Aventurine is there like a dear friend or loving parent who lifts our spirt and reassures us it will get better and when can weather the storm.

Green Aventurine balances energy systems of the body, supports physical and emotional healing.  This is the crystal of new growth.  It awakens the soul to a new spring as it emerges from a dark and bitter cold winter.  As the winter snow melts so do our old patterns from the past that no longer serve us.  With the melted snow comes new life from the crisp green spring.  Old emotional wounds and heartache turn into fertile soil for new life and growth.

When we suffer from depression or moments of sadness Green Aventurine brings us hope and joy for a fresh new beginning emerging from within.  With Green Aventurine’s support we can remain stable in times of imbalance  and emotional upheaval.

I lost my beautiful, strong and loving father in December of 2016.  Green Aventurine has been there to sooth and ease my aching heart.  I am always filled with light and love when working with Green Aventurine.  When I need help with increasing our prosperity I love placing Green Aventurine in a grid.  I just sit back with gratitude and wait for gifts to flow where they are needed the most. This is a beautiful crystal and I never tire of it when gazing at the loving green with soft sparkles.  The energy is sweet, loving and playful.  It makes me happy and I feel free.


Animals will benefit by its healing and loving energy.  Animals who are nervous, flighty, have separation anxiety, high strung, past abuse, rescue animals, fearful and PTS may be helped by Green Aventurine.  Animals who are easily distressed like rabbits, chickens and horses can be helped as Green Aventurine may bring a sense of calm and confidence to them.  If we humans are nervous around animals they will feel our nervous energy and become nervous.  Green Aventurine will sooth and calm the anxious or nervous person working with the animals.


Charka                      Element

4th Heart Chakra     Water and Earth

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