Black Amethyst Point 0.16 lbs 4″ around the base and 2.5″ tall


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Black Amethyst for relief from migraines, psychic protection and restful sleep.
Black Amethyst is Amethyst with Hematite.  It has the same healing and protective properties of Purple Amethyst with the added grounding properties of Hematite.  This crystal is excellent for meditation as it opens our 3rd eye it keeps us grounded to Mother Earth.  It provides psychic, auric and astral protection.
For sensitive people, animals, healers, children, teenagers and empaths it is especially soothing and calming.  The soothing and grounding energies of Black Amethyst is helpful for restless nights, migraines and preventing nightmares.
This loving crystal aligns our chakras, strengthens our intuition, enhances our psychic gifts and our connection to the Divine.
When I hold these deep dark soothing purple crystals I feel like I want a magical genie to take me for a ride deep into the relaxing darkness.  They are so peaceful and beautiful.
    Chakras                   Element
1St Root Chakra            Earth
    3rd Eye                       Wind
7th Crown Chakra

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