Carnelian is a crystal for courage, strength, increased sexual energy and artistic creativity.

0.19 lbs and 2″ x 1″

Carnelian activates the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chakras.  This activation brings out our inner courage, creative energies, leadership qualities, strengthens life force energy and sexual energy.  Carnelian provides courage and strength for those of us who are timid, procrastinate, low confidence, and have a poor self image.  Carnelian shows us the importance of self care, love and respect for our divine bodies.

It is the crystal of power, action and manifestation.  When we are going through transitional changes in life or choosing a new path Carnelian is there to support and guide us.  Carnelian opens us to the courage hidden inside.  Tapping into this courage gives us the power to take action, to follow our passions and make our dreams come true.

Carnelian strengthens the Life Force Energy, it helps us become fearless and take action with confidence.  Meditating with Carnelian shows us how to manifest our dreams.

I rely heavily on Carnelian for courage, strength, grounding energy and when I need to take charge.  When I need motivation Carnelian is there to say, “Let’s go”.  I love how Carnelian makes me feel with its warm grounding energy that it sends to me.  I am instantly soothed, grounded and empowered when wearing, meditating or when using it with my Chakra set.  I wish I had a tub made of Carnelian because I love it so much.  I would soak in it every day!

These Carnelian pieces are juicy shades of orange.  From a deep orange red to a soft caramel orange and an angelic milky quartz illuminating the juicy orange hues.  May they find their new home and may you receive what you need for your highest good.

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Weight 0.19 lbs