Citrine Flame 1.60 lbs 3.8″ x 5.5″ tall


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Natural Untreated Citrine Flame for abundance, manifesting and creative energy.  Flames represent fire, passion and creativity.

Chakras-1st, 2nd, 3rd


Citrine helps open us to love from the Divine Spirit.  With its loving help and guidance we are reminded of the support we have form the Universe towards making our dreams a reality.  Citrine keeps us focused on our goals.  It teaches us how to manifest our desires for our highest good and the good of all who will be touched by our manifestations.

Our creative mind is stimulated as Citrine activates our 2nd, 3rd and 6th Chakras.  This crystal brings strength to the Solar Plexus Chakra which is where our self esteem, self worth, confidence, personal identity and our power resides.  When these three chakras are blocked our ability to manifest and create abundance is also blocked.  Natural Citrine brings the issues of blockage to the surface so we may process, heal and let go of what holds us back and keeps us from shining our inner light.  Clearing our blockages also allows our creative energy and manifestations to flow so the magic of our dreams can be born.  With Citrine’s warm energy and support our thoughts become more positive, our energy is increased and we become more focused.  Unhealthy negative thoughts dissipate and become replaced with inner peace and confidence.  We become more emotionally balanced and speak up for ourselves with love and respect.

Natural Citrine has the ability to reveal our power issues.  It may be we feel powerless or are abusing our power.  With Natural Citrine’s loving support we can step into our power and overcome the disbelief that we are unworthy.  For it is in our Solar Plexus where our power resides waiting for us to awaken to the power and strength of our true self.  Once our power is revealed to us this golden crystal will show us how to best use the power for our highest good and the good of all.

It has been called the “Merchants Stone” because it attracts abundance.  Not only does Citrine help us with abundance it is warming, energizing, it stimulates our ability to be creative, activates our crown Chakra and opens us to our intuition.  It is a protective crystal that can ground, absorb, transmute and dissipate negativity.  Citrine can protect our auras and cleanse our Chakras.

This is a crystal of generosity and joy.  For those of us who give too much and have a tendency to be depleted Citrine helps us set healthy boundaries with ourselves and others.  When warmth, generosity and happiness is needed in our hearts Citrine is there to help us glow and shine without giving away all of our light and burning out into darkness.

May this Citrine Flame fill your solar plexus, your heart, your home and those who enter your home with its golden loving healing energy.  May you receive what you need.

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Weight 1.60 lbs