Clear Quartz Point with Chlorite Phantom, Brazil 0.622 lbs 6.5″ around and 3.25″ tall


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Chakra-4th Heart Chakra and 6th the 3rd Eye Chakra

Element-Storm, Earth

When connecting with Mother Earth, nature spirits and the plant kingdom Chlorite Phantom Quartz are excellent facilitators.  It can enhance our communication mentally and energetically when meditating with the Chlorite Phantom quartz.  These crystals resonate with the heart beat of our Mother Earth.  This sacred connection helps us to become deeply grounded emotionally and energetically.  There is an umbilical connection to Mother Earth.  As she nourishes our bodies we must open our hearts to her and become one with her loving soul.  As we continue to awaken to her love we can better serve her and all that inhabits her body.  Chlorite Phantom Quartz is here to bring us closer to the loving and healing energy from our Mouth Earth.

Chlorite Phantom crystals are one of the most powerful healing crystals.  They bring hope, optimism, healing and connect us with our healing guides.  It can also aid in cellular balance, energetic balance, health to the body, the mind and soul.  It can support growth, energy, it can regulate cellular mutations and cell growth.  It can help heal polyps, tumors and provide protection from radiation.  When meditating with the crystal it opens us to receive messages from the Great Divine.  Disharmony in our bodies and unhealthy habits can be revealed during meditation so we may make changes for our highest good and heal.

With the guidance and support from Chlorite Phantom’s we are better able to resonate with Gaia’s electromagnetic field and vibrate in sync with her heart beat.  This is also a wonderful crystal  to for healers to have in their healing spaces while working with clients.  It is especially grounding and comforting for uncomfortable or uneasy clients that are animal or human.

In general Phantom Quartz can help us access the Akashic Records, past lives, repressed memories and aid with the removal of energy implants.

These Chlorite Phantoms fromBrazil are gorgeous with angelic inclusions.  Their vibration is high and at the same time deeply soothing and relaxing.  Place your intention on what is needed and feel the healing, grounding energy enter into your precious body, mind and spirit.  May you, your loved ones, your sacred animal family members and plants receive what needed from this beautiful, nurturing and healing crystal.

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