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Lemurian Seed Crystal or Fire Lemurian Double Terminated 0.74 lbs 7″ around 4.2″ long


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Chakras-7th and 8th

Elements-Earth and Wind

Fire Lemurian or Lemurian Seed Crystals for opening our hearts to give and receive pure love.  This sweet Lemurian is double terminated.

Ancient records from the Lemurians are encoded in the Lemurian Seed Crystals waiting for us to receive their ancient wisdom and guidance.  Some of the information tells us how to care for and heal Mother Earth. These crystals are a communication tool between Gaia and the Heavens.


They are only found in Diamantia, Brazil.  Lemurian Seeds have ladder like grooves on the sides that look like bar codes with a clear icy interior.  The sides are smooth and frosted.  The colors vary from warm peach, brown cranberry, clear to gray.  They are elegant and possess a strong feminine vibration.  This feminine energy takes us to a deeper connection with the spiritual energy of the Angelic Realm, Mother Mary and other feminine energies.  It is love in the true form.  Free from judgement and limitations.  In meditation we are brought closer to the love of the Divine.  This connection to the Divine opens our hearts to love and radiates from within.  Working with Lemurian Seed Crystals also connects us with the wisdom and love of the Lemurians.


Double terminated crystals receive and transmit energy from both points of the crystal.  When energy is blocked, congested or imbalanced double terminated crystals can create balance and harmony in our mind, body and spirit.  When I am working with them for myself or a client it helps me find the areas of imbalance.  Once the session has been completed one feels relaxed, balanced and emotionally uplifted.  It feels like a spiritual massage.


These crystals are very powerful healing tools especially for light workers, energy healers and energy workers and their clients.  They bring a feeling of light, love and peace.  These are feelings we can all benefit from whether we are a baby, a gold fish or an adult.


When I first saw my sweet Lemurian Seed Crystal I could not stop thinking about her and her loving energy.  That night I dreamed about her and when I awoke I felt she was calling to me.  In the morning I knew I had to bring her into my life.  Today she is near me and in my heart.  She may be next to me while I sleep, in my purse when at work or near me when reading or writing.  I even took her with me to my acupuncture appointment.  I wanted her to be a part of the healing.  I asked my beautiful acupuncturist Ahnna to place the crystal where she was guided.  It was the best session I have ever had emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I am humbled by their love and healing energies.

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