Hematite approximately 0.06 lbs 1″ to 1.25″




Hematite for manifesting, grounding and chakra alignment.

When manifesting our dreams and wishes it is crucial that we are grounded before connecting to the divine spiritual world.  Grounding helps us think clearly and take action so our hopes and dreams become a reality.

Hematite creates balance in ones life and aligns the Chakras by drawing stray energies from the meridian system down to the root Chakra.

During difficult times in life Hematite helps us see the rainbow after the storm.  It provides us with courage and strength.

I see Hematite as the soldier who is there to hold back the forces that attempt to topple us down to the ground.  With Hematite we remain strong, resilient and standing tall.

Animals lacking vitality, frightened, in shock or have experienced trauma may benefit from this calming and grounding crystal.  Its grounding effect can be very soothing to the animal in need.

Horses can become fearful or panic when transported in trailers.  Safely placing Hematite in the trailer may calm and comfort the horse.


Chakra                             Element

1st Chakra The Root       Earth


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Weight 0.06 lbs