Lapis Lazuli


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Lapis Lazuli, the blue stone of royalty leads us to discover our true nature.

Lapis Lazuli takes our hand and leads us to our inner kingdom where our soul awaits to be fully discovered and understood.  This crystal of royalty connects us to the Great Divine, God, the Spirit Realm.  With its guidance we gain access to our past lives and the Akashic Records.  Lost knowledge from ancient civilizations like Egypt and Atlantis can be gained when meditating with the crystal.

Teachers and students may benefit by the ability it has to enhance one’s memory.  Our desire for knowledge and understanding is activated and energized.

As Lapis Lazuli opens our third eye it enhances our psychic ability to see and connection to our spirit guides.  The truth is revealed of what lies hidden within our divine spirit.  Activating the throat Chakra guides us to speak the truth confidently.  It helps us see the reason for our behavior, motives, actions, beliefs and thoughts.  Opening the third eye opens us to self imposed limitations and our precious hidden gifts.  This knowledge can help us shed the limiting beliefs that keep us from shinning our inner light.

When working with Lapis Lazuli a sense of calm melts over my body and active mind.  I feel grounded, peaceful and my thoughts are clear.  All I want to do is lie on the grass with my sweet dogs and look up at the sky waiting for messages to float by with the clouds.  It is such a gentle, nurturing and peaceful crystal that wants to show us the beautiful and ancient records that waits for us like a book on a top shelf waiting to be read.  Slowly we reach for the book and open the dusty pages.  Breathing in anticipation of the truth we smell the ancient pages.  As we begin to read a wave relaxation melts us into a chair and we begin to read.

Our possibilities are unlimited.  How bright do you want to let yourself shine?


Our Royal animals will be touched by Lapis Lazuli’s healing qualities.  Their life force energy, chi, prana or ki is enhanced and strengthened.  Animals who suffer from depression, lack of energy and post traumatic stress disorder may feel soothed and calmed by its loving energy.  Try crystal massage or place near the animal.  Always show the crystal to the animal before crystal massage or placing the crystal near the animal.


Chakra                                Element

5th Throat Chakra             Wind

6th Third Eye Chakra

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