Polychrome Jasper 0.27 lbs 2″ x 1.5″




Polychrome Jasper has the same qualities of the Jasper family and more.  They are one of the raerest Jaspers in the world.

In general Jaspers are grounding, they absorb negative energies and radiation.  They clear electromagentic and environmental pollution, energizes the body, clears the mind, promotes the ability to focus, concentrate, to be organized and complete the task at hand.  In times of conflict it helps us stay rooted to the Earth, grounded and stable.  It energizes the body and enhances sexual pleasure.

Polychrome Jasper is a stone of passion, fire and birth with a slow and gentle nurturing energy.  It aligns the chakras, clears and balances the aura.  This stone of passion ignites a fire for our passions in life and brings a voice to these creative desires.  It enables us to give birth to the life of our creative ideas and thoughts without procrastination.  As we allow the crystal to be the match that lights our fire there is no stopping us from fulfilling our life purpose with passion, joy and focused energies.  When we are going through change in life this crystal will support us on our journey by providing us with energy and courage. All we have to do is ask for it is there ready to work for us.

Polychrome Jaspers are mystical and draw me into their deep rich swirling colors of earthy red, rich coffee brown, dark stormy blue, golden sunrise, soft blue grey, dusty pink, ocean blue, a kiss of moss green, smokey blue, creamy grey and a gentle touch of purple in some of the Madagascar gems.  When meditating I want to dive into them and go on a journey deep into the Earth.  They are nurturing, protective and grounding.  This is especially important when on a shamanic journey or for dream recall.


For our dear animals with low energy and or illness this stone may increase their energy and help with recovery.  If there is an area of negative energy place the crystal in that space.  The crystal will absorb the negative energy to create a calming and grounding environment.  Animals who are nervous and stressed will benefit from a more stable environment.  If the animal is willing to receive crystal massage this is also another way to share the healing properties with them.


Chakras                           Element

1st Root Chakra               Earth

2nd Sacrum Chakra

Depending on the color in the Polychrome Jasper other Chakras are also stimulated by it.



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Weight 0.27 lbs