Purple Denditric Agate 2.34 lbs 10.25″ around and 5.5″ tall






The crystal of healing transformation.

Dendritic Agates are not true Agates because they do not exhibit banding.  Their name in Greek means tree like.  These tree like inclusions are composed of manganese or iron.  In general Agates have softer vibrations that are stabilizing and strengthening.

When we are going through changes by doing inner healing work on our soul or spirit Dendritic Agate awakens us to our inner strength that already lies within us.  It is a talisman waiting for us to awaken and see who we truly are meant to be in this precious life.  As we awaken to our inner light so too do we awaken to our shadow side and the limits we impose upon ourselves.  Understanding our shadow side allows us to integrate it into all of our beautiful facets that make us who we are.  We are born diamonds in the rough with a sacred inner light that is meant to shine.

At times when we are healing or strengthening our spirit we may become impatient with our progress.  Purple Dendritic Agate helps us be patient with ourselves and take life one day at a time.  We are able to persevere with a positive attitude and see the progress we have made.  With its steady and nurturing energy we are grounded to the Earth and not lost with our head in the clouds.  Being grounded and with a clear mind we are better able to see the solution to a problem.

Purple Dendritic Agate is there to support us on our journey of transformation and healing.  Whether we have suffered trauma, addictions or are self destructive Purple Dendritic Agate is there to be a part of the healing.  Purple Dendritic Agate is very relaxing and purifies the energy field and body.

These stones have weight to them and can be placed on the body when lying down to meditate or relax.   They can also fill a room and our bodies with a beautiful grounding and soothing energy.  Their vibration is gentle and very relaxing.  I get lost in their loving vibration and easily slip into meditation.  While in this state of bliss I feel my Chakras spinning where balance is needed.  I feel like I am given a Chakra massage.

Their colors vary from midnight purple, soft moss green, black dendrites, creamy peach, pale lilac, golden earthy orange veins, chalk white and soft grey.

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Weight 2.34 lbs