Rhodonite approximately 0.06 lbs and 1″ to 1.25″




Rhodonite helps us ground, love and discover our hidden talents.

Rhodonite promotes the energy of love.  It helps us give freely of our hearts which in return fills us with more love and joy just by the act of giving.

This grounding crystal opens us to the hidden treasure chest filled with our hidden gifts.  It is in these hidden gifts and talents where our life purpose awaits to be discovered.  This loving crystal is a catalyst for fulfilling our life purpose for the highest good of all.  Rhodonite encourages us to learn and grow so we may use our own gifts and talents to help others and Mother Earth.  Communities can become united with the help of Rhodonite.

With the aid of Rhodonite Chi, Prana, the vital life force is directed through the meridians which supports one’s vitality and energy.  Being in the presence makes me feel light, happy and grounded.  It is very loving and powerful.

When meditating or in a dream state Rhodonite brings clarity to the messages and images received during theses moments.

Animals who are nervous and stressed may benefit by the calming, grounding effects and its ability to stabilize scattered emotions.

Charkras                          Element

1st Root Chakra                  Fire

4th Heart Chakra              Earth

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Weight 0.06 lbs