Rose Quartz 0.42 lbs 9″ around and 1.25″ tall and 4.5 wide



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       Chakra                          Element
  4th Heart Chakra             Water
Rose Quartz is the Stone of Love ❤ and emotional healing. Opens to and enhances self love, self acceptance and deepening relationship with one’s emotions.
Rose Quartz is the embodiment of love.  It opens us to all love, love of self, love of life, love of people, love or animals and love of Mother Earth.
Rose quartz has the ability to heal wounds of the heart an open us up to trust and love again.  Feelings of isolation and mistrust are dissolved with Rose Quartz as we replace those feelings with the warm loving glow of Rose Quartz in our hearts.
Rose Quartz can cleanse our auric field and clear the emotional body of ego dictated beliefs.  Anger, resentment, and stress can be replaced with feelings of all is well, there is hope and comfort.
It connects us to the Divine Mother’s heart, Mother Earth’s heart and the heart of the Universe.
To bring more love into your home place Rose Quartz in every corner of the home, have a piece next to the bed, wear Rose Quartz, carry it with you, place it in the center of a room to generate more love for all.  To amplify and receive more love use it in a grid.  It is also a very protective crystal for children.
Loving energy from Rose Quartz can stimulate all Chakras.  It is a powerful healer of the mind, body and soul.  Old stuck patterns and blocks can be melted away with the loving power of Rose Quartz.  Negative emotions and thoughts are transformed into feelings of love, compassion and understanding.
Animals in any stage of life can benefit from the healing and loving power of Rose Quartz.  Offer this with love and respect to the sweet animal and enjoy watching them receive the love.
What can I write about Rose Quart that has not already be written.  The crystal may be pink but that does not mean it is only for women and girls.  We all need love no matter what gender we are born with.  It is beautiful and I love working with the crystal.  I feel so good and complete with the healing love given to me by my Rose Quartz.  I love making love grids especially when I do not make it known to those who enter our home.  The energy is happy, relaxing, uplifting, positive and deeply loving.  It is my wish that these beautiful, sweet, loving and calming pieces bring more love and health into your life.

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