Sandalwood, Blue Apatite and Pewter Bracelet


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Blue Apatite for the 3rd Eye
Element is Wind
Sandalwood is soothing, calming and stimulating to the 3rd Eye.

Blue Apatite can enhance our natural psychic ability, it brings clarity, mental focus and clears congested energy from the 3rd Eye. In a meditative or dream state problems can be solved and answers are revealed. Apatite brings hope, happiness and can ease headaches.

The heavenly fragrance of Sandalwood is soothing and calming. As it relaxes us we are better able to open our Third Eye. Sandalwood is from Nepal. Over time the wood darkens and he the fragrance dissipates.

I love wearing my bracelet. The beautiful Blue Apatite reminds me of Mother Earth and the sacred Sandalwood has a sweet warm fragrance. I feel relaxed, at ease with a clear mind. Whether I am meditating or going about my day I never feel mentally over stimulated or get a headache when I wear my bracelet. Some crystals that stimulate the 3rd Eye can be too much for me causing a headache or intense mental stimulation. For me this is a sweet combination for clarity and relaxation. I wore this when taking a psychic class and I was able to go deeper and collect more information than I usually can. I attribute this to my dear teacher Rachel Pftoenhauer and help from Blue Apatite and Sandalwood.

May you receive what you need.

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