Smoky Quartz Wand 3.48 lbs 8″ around 11″ tall


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Smoky Quartz Wand for grounding cleansing and clearing negativity from our environment.

Smoky Quartz is one the best crystals for grounding.  When we are grounded during meditation we can see visions and messages more clearly.  Whether meditating or keeping Smoky Quartz near us we are protected from negative energies.  When working with Smoky Quartz and the body it clears and cleanses the negative energy.  This energy is converted into positive and healthy energy.  There are no limits to how much negativity the crystal can remove from a being or environment and send to Gaia where it is neutralized.  Because they are excellent at removing negative energy it is important to cleanse and clear them after working with them.

This grounding Quartz can cleanse and clear our aura and counteract radiation and electromagnetic fields.

Smoky Quartz helps us focus, think clearly and can keep us from behaving impulsively.  If we are in a bad mood or entering into a space where there is conflict or emotional tension this crystal brings peace and neutrality to the environment.

If a person or animal wants to feel grounded and relaxed offer a crystal healing by slowly holding the non pointed end above the body starting with the feet or tail.  Slowly bring the the crystal to the Soul Star Chakra, the 8th Chakra.  Starting with the point may be too intense for some.

These natural wands we have are mesmerizing and powerful.  The brown color comes from feldspar and iron.  Holding their point to the 3rd eye is soothing, grounding and clearing.  There are beautiful inclusions that reflect radiant colors especially when held up to the sun.  Their energy feels so good.  I just want to sit with them and feel their nurturing and grounding energy.

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